PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic, for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all !


Chaplain: “We the members of the Legion of Romanian-American Volunteers of Youngstown ask thee, our God, to guide us in the conduct of this meeting. We ask you to keep us fully aware of our frailties in order that we may not be critical of our fellow man. Show us how to be of better service to our Buddies. Guide us in our efferts to relieve those in distress. Instill all of us with the spirit that actuated our war-time service, when we were all for one and one for all. Help us to carry on that unselfishness created in the service in our daily lives. Help us to have good fellowship, good citizenship and tolerance. Amen.”

                          BY-LAWS OF THE LEGION OF


      Organized January 1, 1927 at Youngstown and Campbell, Ohio

                                     Article I – The Name

The name of this organization is The Legion of Romanian-American Volunteers of America. Members are composed of veterans or spouses of Romanian heritage.


Article II – Scope


The scope of this organization is to maintain and continue the true spirit of brotherhood among Romanian-American veterans and other similar organizations. Upon the death of a member in good standing, the designated beneficiary will receive a benefit as provided for in the By-Laws. (Art. 5 Sec. 4)


Article III Character


Section 1The character of this organization is Romanian-American. Its members are veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States. Members who have served in any of the Armed Services may become a member of this organization providing he or she has an HONORABLE DISCHARGE.

 Section 2 This is a fraternal organization. Members, regardless of religious belief, political affiliation, and/or occupation, are equals.

Article IV – Duties of Members


  • Work for the good of the organization.
  • Attend all meetings.
  • Participate at the funeral of a member.
  • Pay dues in a timely manner.


Article V – Rights of Members


Section 1Members in good standing have the right to vote on motions in the interest of the organization.

 Section 2Members can be elected or appointed to any office.

 Section 3 Beneficiaries cannot claim or demand the payment of a benefit if membership is in arrears (1) year or more.

Section 4-

 Beneficiaries shall receive the following benefit:

  • After six months membership $25
  • After 12 months membership  $50
  • After 18 months membership  $75
  • After 24 months membership $100
  • After 30 months membership $150
  • After 36 months membership $200
  • After 10 years membership     $300.


Article VI – Dues


Section 1 The initiation fee is $2.50 and the annual dues are set by the organization. Dues are to be paid within the calendar year, 1 January thru 31 December of the current year.

Section 2 Members in arrears more than one (1) year will be reinstated as a new member upon payment of the initiation fee and the annual dues. Under no cause or conditions will the new dues received be retroactive.

Section 3In October, the Treasurer will in writing, notify those members of pending suspension if dues are not paid by year end.


Article VII – Funds


Section 1 The Legion will have one fund; a General Fund.

Section 2 Expenses incurred by the organization will be paid from the General Fund with the approval of the membership.

Section 3Death benefits are to be paid from the General Fund.

Section 4 The Treasurer will pay the designated beneficiary in a timely manner upon notification of the death of a member.


Article VIII – The Legislative Power


Section 1The Legion’s legislative power rests with the general meetings that are held as the Commander deems necessary. 

Section 2A Treasurer’s report will be given at each meeting.

Section 3- Officers and Committee Members are elected and/or appointed at the May meeting for a period of two (2) years.

 Section 4Commander, Vice-Commander, Adjutant, Treasurer and Auditors shall be compensated as set by the organization.


                     Article IX –

The Election of Officers


Section 1 The following officers are elected: Commander, Vice Commander, Adjutant, Treasurer, and two Auditors.

 Section 2The Commander, Vice Commander, Adjutant, Treasurer and Auditors are to be elected by secret ballot when (2) or more members seek the same office.

 Section 3 Elections cannot be held if membership present is less than 20%.

Section 4 – In the event of the resignation of the Commander, the Vice-Commander shall assume the office of Commander and serve the remainder of the term.

 Section 5 – In the event of the resignation of an elected or appointed officer, the Commander shall appoint a replacement to serve the remainder of the term.

Article X – Duties of the Officers


Section 1– The Commander:

  • Is the executive of the organization.
  • Represents the Legion at all functions.
  • Is the custodian of the seal.
  • Signs all correspondence.
  • Ensures that the By-Laws are enforced and respected.
  • Presides at all meetings. 

Section 2 The Commander, and Auditors, are responsible for the welfare of this organization. In the absence of the Commander, the Vice-Commander shall preside. 

  • Section 3– Dues, donations and other income shall be collected by the Treasurer.   The Treasurer shall account for all funds.    
  • Section 4The Adjutant records the minutes of meetings and with the Commander responds to all correspondence. 
  •  Section 5The Auditors will audit the funds no less than once a year and present a report.

                  Article XI-

Termination of the Organization


Section 1– When the number of members has been reduced to five (5), the organization may be dissolved.  These five (5) members can dispose of the organization’s funds as they see fit. The organization cannot be dissolved if the number of the members in good standing is more than five (5).


          Article XII – Amendments


Section 1– The By-Laws cannot be amended, modified, suspended, or changed except by a 20% vote of the members in good standing.


 Each Member and newly elected/appointed officer is to take the following oath:

“I, _(state your name)_, solemnly swear to defend and respect the Constitution of the United States of America and the By-Laws and Statutes of this organization; to work for the good and the progress of this Legion, so help me God.”


 Revised Date: 13 July 2013

Adopted Date: Saturday,AUGUST 24, 2013 //and  RE-ADOPTED at the May “speical meeting” just before our regular MAY meeting.


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